Massage & Spa Services

There are many different types of massages available. How do I know which one is right for me?

Most clients are introduced to massage for relaxation, helping to reduce their stress levels. Only through experiencing different types of massage and massage therapists you will find one that is suited to your energy and offer the type of massage that is best for you. At the Center for the Healing Arts, we encourage our clients to try all the different therapists so you can have options and find the exact massage that fits you and your schedule.

Traditionally, massage is a combination of learned techniques a therapist learns while in school, and incorporates in their massage session. A therapeutic, relaxation massage is commonly defined a Swedish massage. The massage therapist uses effleurage, pettrissage, and compression techniques to relax the muscles, and release muscle tension.


Spa Services and Body Treatments

It is always optimal to exfoliate the skin before a massage so that the organic massage oil can provide all the nutrients possible to soften your skin. Add a body treatment to the massage at a special savings!

Our Ultimate, Pampering Service:


We use Advanced Japanese facial acupressure points bridged with European techniques to tighten and tone the skin. Facials are important to keeping the facial skin clear, and increase blood flow to repair damaged tissue. Products alone cannot do this. Products we use are all organic and natural. In many instances, products contain fruits and vegetables that nourish your skin. We want to delight your senses as well as use the best, purest products that will enhance your facial!

Waxing Services available $12 up