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Reflexology can be defined as specific massage like techniques applied to the feet. When these techniques are applied with intense enough pressure they provoke an action potential. An action potential is a self-regenerating wave of electrochemical activity that allows nerve cells to carry a signal over a distance. When action potentials (also known as nerve impulses or spikes) occurs in the body through pressure, many structures of the body are affected by this stimulation including nerves, muscles, the central nervous systems, organs, and glands. Reflexology is healing experience through deep relaxation or stimulation that allows the body to initiate its own internal healing mechanism.
Charlotte Irwin

"The layers of the onion that were peeled away from my personal experience by getting reflexology showed me how incredible reflexology is and how the energy flows. The friendship shared and sharing that I experienced but most of all, I want to thank you Charlotte for being the Messenger that has helped me move to the next level of my ersonal and spiritual growth. Your passion and commitment are so genuine and I am blessed to have you in my life. My sincere thank you for the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you, You ROCK!"
Helen McCormick

REFLEXOLOGY CLASSES - Three reflexology levels offered:

16 hour format: Introductory Course -Objective of this class is to give
the participant a working knowledge of reflexology. This class is completed in one weekend. Includes a general overview, charts and manual plus hands on practice. After completion of classparticipants should have enough general knowledge and practice to help family and friends or enhance your massage or holistic health practice. $195 (Includes manual, charts and protocolwheel)Reflex Foot

150 hour format: Certification Program instructed by Charlotte Irwin
-Based on the studies and experience of Charlotte Irwin, the certification course includes theinformation presented in the introductory weekend plus a deeper study into the anatomy, physiology, specific protocols and research of reflexology. This program is offered in a series of sixweekends once a month, or a intensive series of a every other week format. You willlearn foot anatomy, basic physiology, specific reflex zones, application, plus an outside practicumof client hours to refine your skills. The class offers 96 hours of classroom instruction, 50 practice sessions for practical experience and 4 hours credit for developing a presentation. $975 (6 Monthly payments are available.)

40 hour: Teacher training Course -The objective of this class is to expand
the opportunities for graduates of the certification course. After instruction on modules they receive all the materials to instruct the weekend or certification course. Details on back page. Can be completed through our on-line course. $1800 (12 Monthly payments are available.)


The Certification curriculum includes:

Class 1 - History,
Concepts, Benefits,
Learning the Bones,
Relaxation techniques,
Labeling Charts
How to do a
reflexology session

Class 3 - Digestive
Urinary System,
Anatomy, Physiology
Pathology and Protocols
Vita Flex with Essential Oils,
Hands on Practice
Class 5 - Building a
Successful practice,
Hands on Practice,
Business Presentation
Class 2 - Central
Nervous System,
CNS Specific locations
Anatomy, Physiology
Pathology and Protocols,
Hands O n Practice

Class 4 - Respiratory
and Cardiovascular,
Lymphatic, Reproductive
Pregnancy and
Reflexology Anatomy,
Physiology, Pathology
and Protocols,
Hands on Practice
Class 6 - Plantar
Fascia and Reflexology
Overview of Program,
Final written and
practical exam


Charlotte IrwinCharlotte
has studied and applied reflexology for the last 15 years. She is a nationally certified massage therapist, passed the national reflexology association written exam and is the author of Massage your Business with Purpose, Passion and Perseverance while Creating Profits. She is also the owner of Center for the Healing Arts & Massage, Michigan’s largest holistic health center. She brings a wealth of information to the students based on her 16 years of experience and studies with teachers Barbara Dobbs, Ingham reflexology and Dr. Manzanares reflexologic methods. She also teaches students how to develop and sustain a reflexology business.
Lori Jones, Certified InstructorLori
has worked with Charlotte for the last 10 years , and instructing for the last 5 years, bringing this knowledge to students. She is a nationally certified massage therapist, instructor of reflexology and also passed the national reflexology written exam. She has helped hundreds of people each year experience the benefits of reflexology and shares her wealth of experience to the students.
Charlotte BookIn Charlotte’s book
“Massage Your Business
with Purpose, Passion
and Perseverance while
Creating Profits” you
can follow her personal
experiences and expert
advice to build your
business. Order at:


New reflexology monthly program starts April 2011!
April 9-10
May 14-15
June 11-12
July 16-17
Aug 13-14
Sept 17-18

New video to be released soon by Lori Jones and Charlotte Irwin "Reflexology for family and friends" Call 586-268-5444 to pre-order now!

For current class schedule go to "www.center4thehealingarts.com" under "education"
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